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Your one-stop-shop to learn everything there is to know about making health and wellness a part of your life without it BEING your life. Find resources on binge eating, body image, mental health and some other goodness here!

Enneagram 3, total self improvement nerd who swears Oreos are the best cookie there are. 

FRIEND I know how frustrating the yoyo diet/binge cycle can be, and I KNOW we can get you to a place of food freedom, and just living your freaking life again 🥳  With my approach you will see it is much easier than it seems.

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I have a toolbox of skills and I am ready to hand them over to Y-O-U!

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The Food Freedom Lab Pod

This little space is sort of my favorite place ever. This is where I will be dropping some mega-uplifting and uber-educational #knowledge on all things health and wellness! Grab your headphones and tune in NOW.

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Ready to get back into your life and ditch the crazy around food once and for all?! If that is a yes, girllll I have been waiting for you!

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