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Ryann Nicole

Are you tired of the endless cycle of craving healthy eating but somehow ending up in food binges? Trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I’ve discovered a game plan that helped me consistently eat healthily and put an end to those out-of-control moments with food. If you can relate, read on to find out how you can redefine “eating healthy,” prioritize three balanced meals a day, embrace a realistic approach, kick the all-or-nothing mentality to the curb, and make a conscious effort not to let four waking hours pass without nourishing your body.

Your Game Plan To Consistently Eat Healthy

Here are the 5 guidelines I followed to begin consistently eating healthy and stop the binges:

Redefine ‘Eat Healthy’

Let’s start by redefining what it means to “eat healthy.” If your current definition doesn’t include mental, emotional, and social well-being, it’s time for an update. Consistently eating healthy should make you feel your best most of the time. Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all definition of health. What if healthy eating meant feeling your best while acknowledging that it can look different for everyone? It’s a game-changer.

Prioritize 3 Meals A Day

Consistent healthy eating begins with building a foundation of three well-balanced meals throughout the day. Picture each meal as a beautifully plated entrée from your favorite restaurant, featuring a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats in a variety of colors. Don’t skimp – allow yourself to eat until you feel satisfied and full.

Be Realistic

Realism is your ally when it comes to consistently eating healthy. It’s easy to make decisions that provide instant gratification, but long-term consistency requires a sustainable lifestyle. Will you never indulge in a cookie, enjoy some processed food, or snack when you’re not ravenous? Let’s face it; that’s not realistic. Instead, focus on slowing down, savoring your food, and giving yourself permission to eat what and when you choose. Ask yourself: “Can I realistically stick to this long-term?” If not, what adjustments are needed?

Ditch the All-or-Nothing Mentality

All-or-nothing thinking is the enemy of consistent healthy eating. Those “blowing it” moments followed by promises to “do better tomorrow” need to go. The idea that you can’t have just one cookie without devouring the entire box? It’s time to reframe those thoughts. Embrace the middle ground and remind yourself that you’re only human. Progress, not perfection, is the key.

Avoid 4 Waking Hours to Pass without Eating

If you’ve lost touch with your hunger and fullness cues, that’s okay; you can rebuild that connection. Practice regular eating by having something nourishing every 3-4 hours, regardless of hunger. This routine will help your cues return. Remember, it’s not a forever rule but a valuable tool in your journey toward consistent healthy eating.

Achieving consistent healthy eating after years of struggling with food may seem daunting, but it’s entirely possible. By redefining your health goals, prioritizing well-rounded meals, staying realistic, banishing all-or-nothing thinking, and embracing regular eating intervals, you can conquer the cycle of food binges and enjoy a healthier relationship with the food on your plate.

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Ryann Nicole

Licensed Therapist, Certified Nutritionist, and Virtual Wellness Coach

Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

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Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.