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20 Ways to Feel Less Lonely In Recovery

September 18, 2020

Ryann Nicole

Hi, I’m Ryann.

Your Not-So-Average Food Freedom Therapist & Virtual Coach. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Nutritionist with a BA in Psychology, and a MA in Professional Counseling, yes I do a little of the "so how does that make you feel".

But my ultimate goal is to provide you with the resources you need, in an easy-to-understand way, on healing your disordered relationship with food and your body. 

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Whether its because you haven't been able to connect with anybody on the same journey as you, or you feel as though nobody else is on the same journey as you  – feeling lonely is no fun.

When you're feeling lonely, it is tough to break yourself out of the funk. This is because loneliness stems from the disconnection between what we want out of our relationships and what we feel we have. Therefore, loneliness has very little to do with being around people and everything to do with your mindset. 

Although it is easier said than done, below are 20 things you can do to help when you're experiencing this feeling of loneliness: v

01. Reach Out 

Sometimes just acknowledging that you are lonely and telling somebody about it can start to make you feel a little better. 

02. Acknowledge your part 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

03. Identify the cause 

Instead of trying to do a ton of random things to force yourself to feel better, it is essential to look at why you might be feeling this way in the first place. Ask yourself, “what recently changed in my life to make me feel this way? What did I have before that I feel I am missing now?”

04. Go to a class 

Whether it is a workout class, an art class, an educational class – it doesn't matter! Classes are a super easy way to surround yourself with other people, without actually reaching out to these people. 

05. Avoid silence

Put on some music or leave the TV on for some background noise. I know for me, silence can emphasize my lonely feeling. 

06. Reorganize your house  

It could be the memory of someone no longer in your life or a memory of an old version of you, making you feel lonely. Change up the things that are triggering these memories! 

07. Recognize the connections you do have 

It is easy to forget some of the connections we do have but might have forgotten about. Maybe you haven't talked to them in forever, and that is okay! That will just give you more to talk about, right?

08. Get a pet 

Maybe it is time to pull the plug and adopt a pet. There is nothing like having a dog or cat waiting for you at the door when you get home to make you feel a little less alone. 

09. Volunteer 

Fill up some of your free time with volunteer work. It will surround you with other people and make you feel good. 

10. Schedule some extra self-care time 

Loneliness is not only a disconnection with others but also a disconnection with ourselves. Maybe it is time to focus less on your connection with others and regain that connection with yourself. Let's get you back to 100%, babe! 

11. Take a break from social media 

It is SO EASY to feel a lack of connection when we are blasted with images of other people together all day long. Just because you don't have 100 friends at your birthday party as she does, does not mean that you need that to feel less alone. 

12. Start small talk 

Exchange a few words with someone you usually don't talk to – whether it be the cashier at your local coffee shop, the person checking you in at the gym, the grocery store clerk, whoever, ask them how their day is. 

13. Go to a support group 

If you have recently made some lifestyle changes or are in recovery and feel like you don't have anyone that relates – a support group is a must! I swear there are support groups for basically anything, and now with COVID, you don't even need to leave your bed to join! 

14. Set a new goal 

Spice things up in your life, and distract yourself with a new goal – something attainable, measurable, and timely. 

15. Plan a meet-up with a friend 

It is really easy to lose motivation to reach out to people and make plans when feeling lonely. I know that doesn't entirely make sense, but I'm sure if you've ever felt lonely, you can relate. It is like you want to be with others, but it also sounds exhausting at the same time. Push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and plan a meet up with a friend; I promise it'll make you feel better. 

16. Connect with your family 

It could be possible that this lonely feeling is stemming from a disconnection from your family. Whatever has happened – it is time to address it, process it, and let go so you can reconnect with your family. 

17. Change up your routine 

A stagnant routine can make you feel worse when you are already feeling bad. If nothing is exciting or different about your day, it almost emphasizes the lonely feeling. And who knows, you might meet some new people if you change things up a bit! 

18. Perform some random acts of kindness 

Bring your co-worker a coffee, pay for the person's order behind you, pick up trash, idk whatever! Research has shown it is one of the best ways to make yourself feel better! 

19. Limit free time 

Being busy will help the feeling pass. The more time you have to be alone and dwell on this feeling, the worse you will feel. 

20. Avoid Isolating 

It is essential to know the difference between loneliness and isolation. Loneliness is an emotion, while isolation is an action. If you feel lonely, it is vital to get out and do as much as you can, rather than feeding the fire and isolating. It is tough, but it will be worth it! 

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