Merging Biology with Psychology to Help you heal your relationship with food. 

Live Workshops With Ryann

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Healing doesn’t have to be so hard - let me show you how. 






Your Relationship With Food Feels Something Like This...

You’re ready for a change, but you’re tired of spending money, energy, and time on a new diet (and losing your sanity in the process)

Let me guess

You want to move away from thinking about your next meal before you’ve even finished the current one

You worry that “this time will be like every other time”: when you’ve lost the weight only to gain it back

You crave a life where you're not so consumed by food and your body - but you’re scared to commit to another program 

You know your obsession with food is taking away from your life - you just don't know how to stop caring so much

If you’re nodding you’re head *yes* I see you—like I really see you.

But what if you don't have the time to dive into 1:1 support head first? What if you just dip your toes in without the commitment? 

I'm in

Live Virtual Workshops

I am going to teach you realistic, bite sized steps you can take to heal your relationship with food - in the most fun, non-intimidating 90-ish minutes possible. 

This is a LIVE, virtual workshop where you can engage with others, ask questions, and walk away with actionable strategies to implement in your day-to-day routine. Afterward, you’ll gain access to the workshop replay. 


And why breaking food fears matters when healing! 

How To Break Food Fears In A Fun & Motivating Way

Upcoming Workshops

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A 5 day workshop series to build an action plan for healing!

First Steps To Healing Your Relationship With Food


Past Workshops

"Working with Ryann has been the best thing I never knew I needed"

"...I felt normal and relived to know it wasnt just me who is struggling and that this was something I can overcome! Binge eating is something I thought I'd foverever struggle with. I don't feel that way anymore." 

"I feel for the first time in my life free."

"...Working with Ryann was the best thing I never knew I needed. Binge eating is something I thought I would forever struggle with, I don't feel that way anymore."

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Questions? I have answers!

What if I cant make the workshop live? 

I will email you the replay within 24 hours post workshop!

Can I take more than one workshop? 

Yes! Take any or all of the workshops you would like! 

Can I take this workshop if I live outside of the US?

Yes!! The beauty of virtual coaching :) As long as you have access to wifi and zoom, you can join this workshop!

What if I want more after this workshop?

The course suite or group coaching program are perfect options for deeper dives! 

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Once you’re in - you’re in! Due to the instant access to copyrighted materials, live work with me, and downloadable nature of parts of the program, refunds and cancellations will not be provided after purchase for any reason as outlined in the Terms of Use.  

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Your Not-So-Average Food Freedom Therapist & Virtual Coach


How To Break Food Fears In A Fun & Motivating Way

And why breaking food fears matters when healing! 

  • Understanding Food Fears  
  • Food Fears v Food Preference: How do I know? 
  • Breaking food fears without it turning into a binge 
  • Rewriting your stories about these foods so you can enjoy them again

what you will learn: 


The First Steps To Overcoming Binge Eating

  • Getting clear on what is causing the binge eating
  • The first steps to breaking out of binge eating
  • Outlining your why
  • Defining What You Really Want
  • Creating An Action Plan To Get That

what you will learn: 

upcoming workshop dates: 

Mastering Emotion Regulation Without Food

How to manage emotions without turning to food. 

  • Understanding Emotions 
  • Identifying Triggers 
  • Managing Your Mind To Regulate Your Emotions
  • How To Feel The Feels 
  • Your Emotional Reaction Plan 

what you will learn: 

upcoming workshop dates: