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Ryann is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Wyoming and a certified nutritionist with a BA in General Psych, MA in Professional Counseling. She specializes in helping women overcome binge eating, disordered eating, and poor body image through online courses, group programs, and individual work. 

Ryann's journey began in 2014 after she attended outpatient treatment to recover from binge eating. Throughout her time in treatment, she committed to herself that when she recovered, she would become a binge-eating therapist. She realized how common it was to struggle with an eating disorder, and that there is hope on the other side of recovery. 

In 2016, Ryann Graduated with a BA in General Psychology and later obtained her Master's Degree from Ottawa University. Throughout her career, Ryann has interned at Healthy Within, Full of Ourselves Girls Prevention Program of The San Diego Public School District, and the Curran Seeley Foundation. 

Not only does Ryann lead through a scientific background, but also personal experience; making her your "not so average therapist". After landing a full-time position with the Curran Seeley Foundation, she decided to start sharing her journey online. What once started as a tiny Instagram account soon grew into a full fledge online business & private practice. 

Ryann is now on a mission to provide those who struggle with a disordered relationship with food and their body the support they need to find true peace and happiness. She wholeheartedly believes that with the right tools, anyone can take back their life and make health and wellness a part of that life without it being their whole life.


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