Priscilla Moore 


Licensed Social Worker + Co-Coach

ABOUT Priscilla

Cilla is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) based in Indiana. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MSW in Social Work. Cilla specializes in assisting individuals in breaking free from the cycle of body shame, conquering disordered eating, and attaining genuine food freedom through individual coaching and therapy. She is deeply passionate about helping the neurodivergent community discover body neutrality and achieve lasting peace with food.

Why Cilla Chose This Path:

“Transitioning from a restrictive/binge eater and body critic to finding true serenity with food and embracing a body-neutral perspective has been a far from glamorous journey. But it was undeniably worth every step.

At one point, I truly believed that my food choices determined everything and that my body image reflected my ability to "control" food. But in recovery, I came to realize that my body and food were never the root of the issue; rather, it was my thoughts that perpetuated this disordered cycle.”

What Food Freedom Means To CILLA:

"Food freedom equates to living unapologetically; it is a life where food is no longer considered scary or a source of fear."

CILLA’s Advice for Those Healing Their Relationship with Food and Body:

“Remember, it may become more challenging before it gets better. Stay committed to the journey.”

Favorite Recovery Book:

"More than a Body" by Lexie and Lindsay Kite

Isabel Megale, Certified Nutritionist + Co-Coach  


Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.