Because after years of spending so much energy on food, I want more for you than a life like that.



Live Workshops

These live workshops are designed to teach you realistic, bite sized steps you can take to heal your relationship with food - in the most fun, non-intimidating 90-ish minutes possible with others on the same journey! 

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Do it with you virtual workshops


This 12-week intensive combines individual work with community support: giving you the best of both worlds. I arm you with all the tools and resources you need while allowing for the flexibility to work at your own pace. 

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The total package program

"Ryann's empathy sets her apart from other coaches."

She listens so well and is able to provide small steps we could work on every day in our recovery journey. She's also very non-judgemental which created a safe space for her group clients to open up and share their stories and vulnerabilities and be coached.


"I was so close to giving up many times during the program, but Ryann's continued support kept me going." 

I love how Ryann responds to questions both in chat and on audio. I love how if you comment on one of the lessons she is quick to answer any questions and give more support if you need it.


 I understood the science behind our eating behavior, so nicely presented - step by step. 

Ryann is very organized - her site is wonderful, and neat. Watching the videos, reading all the chapters step by step and filling out the worksheets felt like being back to college again. You get the knowledge and you apply it in your every day life." 


"Other programs mainly just focus on the food. With Ryann, I liked how the lab was broken down into the mental health and body image aspects, as well as the food."

Going deeper makes the lessons stick and once I figured out the root of my self-destruction, I could stop it in its tracks!


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Learn at your own pace

The Course Suite

This suite of online courses is your DIY-style guide to complete food freedom. Designed to help those that struggle with food obsession & body dissatisfaction master hunger and fullness, create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and step into confidence.

Giving you everything you need at the tip of your fingertips, when you’re ready! 


Ready To Take The Next Step?

I get you. I've been in your shoes. And I can help. Over the years, I've helped hundreds women just like YOU build health and confidence in their bodies and minds - despite an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, body image conflicts, compulsive eating patterns, or all of the above.

I found food freedom and now its my goal to help you find the same. 

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Your Not-So-Average Food Freedom Therapist & Virtual Coach


Upcoming Workshop Details

Upcoming Topics:

  • Building A Positive Relationship With Your Body
  • The First Steps To Overcoming Binge Eating
  • Mastering Emotional Regulation Without Food

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Group Coaching Details

Start Date:


Length of Program: 

12 Weeks

Time of group calls:

Tuesdays at 6p ET OR Wednesdays at 1p ET

Do I get one-on-one access to Ryann? 

One on one access to Ryann is available as a Tier 2 cient. This upgrade is perfect for those who want to dive deeper with Ryann. Click here to learn more about the different tiers. 

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