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TBJ Tuesday

October 18, 2022 TBJ Tuesday by Ryann Nicole

October 19, 2022

Ryann Nicole

Hi, I’m Ryann.

Your Not-So-Average Food Freedom Therapist & Virtual Coach. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Nutritionist with a BA in Psychology, and a MA in Professional Counseling, yes I do a little of the "so how does that make you feel".

But my ultimate goal is to provide you with the resources you need, in an easy-to-understand way, on healing your disordered relationship with food and your body. 

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Happy T-B-J Tuesday! Here are 3 healthy living Tips, 2 Book recommendations (one self-improvement and one fun), and 1 Journal prompt to ponder this week! 

T: 3 Healthy Living Tips 

☀️ Looking for behavior positive reinforcement? Create an ‘every time I wanted to *insert destructive behavior* but DIDN’T’ jar!! Like THIS

☀️Whenever you’re feeling anxious or stressed about food or your body, try box breathing! Inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4 – repeating until calm! 

☀️Instead of: I need to stop eating chips. > Let’s try: how can I add to these chips to make them more filling and satisfying? Example: 

  • Can I add carrots and hummus with the chips? 
  • Can I add the chips as a side to a sandwich?

B: 2 Book Recommendations (one self-improvement and one fun)

📚For Self Improvement (on Self Sabotage): The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest

THIS BOOK. Thissss book. Let me just leave this quote from the book, and I think you will understand… “Sometimes, you have to figure out who you aren’t to realize who you are. Sometimes, you have to understand what a good relationship isn’t to understand what it is. Sometimes, you have to walk alone to understand the value of your inner circle, be rejected to appreciate acceptance, and get a little lost to understand what path is yours. Sometimes, you have to identify everything you don't want before you can claim everything you do.” I mean 🤯 If you have ever struggled with self-sabotage, this is a must! 

​📚For Fun (Thriller) Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Okay, is it weird to say I enjoyed this book because it is disturbing? Because *trigger warning* it's disturbing, but wowwww it's a page-turner. I could not put it down! Quick Synopsis: Ellie Mack goes missing one day after school. Years after the disappearance, Ellie's mother meets a man whose daughter resembles Ellie. Suddenly, more things are coming up regarding Ellie's disappearance, and Ellie's mother is determined to figure out what happened to her ten years later.

Click HERE for Then She Was Gone Trigger Warnings ⚠️

J: 1 Journal Prompt

✏️  What do I need to get off my chest today? {Brain dump it all out}


🎉 PS – Applications for my 12-week group coaching program open in ONE WEEK! Spots will be limited. If you want first dibs on a spot, put your name on the waitlist here​. 

🎙PPS – If you need some recovery inspo (and wondering if my group coaching works), a past group coaching client of mine is sharing her story on my podcast. Click here to listen.  

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