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September 20, 2022 TBJ Tuesday by Ryann Nicole


September 20, 2022

I’m Ryann.
A not-so-average therapist obsessed with all things mental wellness who overcame 7 years of binge eating and found food freedom. Now, I'm teaching you all my secrets!
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Happy T-B-J Tuesday! Here are 3 healthy living Tips, 2 Book recommendations (one self-improvement and one fun), and 1 Journal prompt to ponder this week! 

T: 3 Healthy Living Tips 

☀️ A helpful response if someone comments on your food / weight could be: I know you’re trying to help, but that comment isn’t helpful. What would be helpful is…

☀️ Instead of: pushing out your hunger as long as possible > Let’s try: honoring hunger, regardless of time like this! 

☀️ How to build a snack that will keep you full & satisfied: 01. get a plate, 02. start with what you want, 03. add in missing macros (ex: if you’re starting with chips *carb* can we add in some hummus *protein*  and/or carrots *fiber*), 04. make sure there is enough

B: 2 Book Recommendations (one self-improvement and one fun)

📚For Self Improvement (on Limiting Beliefs): The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Oh my gosh, this is such an insightful read on challenging limiting beliefs! If you struggle with limiting beliefs such as ‘I am not enough' or ‘Ill never be the kind of person who can x' I highly recommend giving this a read! Click HERE to see more about this book! 

📚For Fun (Thriller): Local Woman Missing Mary Kubica

FRIENDS, I am still waiting to find a thriller that dropped my jaw like this one! If you enjoy thrillers on missing people cases, this is for you! Click HERE​ to see more about this book! 

Click HERE for Local Woman Missing Trigger Warnings. 

J: 1 Journal Prompt

✏️  Am I holding onto something I need to let go of? {What is it? How is continuing to hold on to this affecting my life? What would I need to let go?} 

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Have a great week!


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PPS – If you are struggling with overwhelm when going grocery shipping as you are working on healing your relationship with food – I have some tips to help! Click HERE​ for those! 

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