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Let's make food a part of your life, without it being your life!

Because after years and years of spending so much energy on food, I want more for you than a life like that.

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My Story

11 years ago I went on a diet that never stopped, and after the first year this diet turned into 7 years of binge eating, followed by another 3 years of complete food obsession. Food consumed me. Until one day I couldn't do it anymore.
From that point forward, I was determined to finally figure out how to make peace with food and stop hating my body so dang much

And that's how I learned that overcoming binge eating and not hating your body is 100% possible.

Online Courses

*Do It Yourself*

Where most other programs say, "Let's talk about the food." I say, "Let's talk about your mindset." There is a reason why you are feeling out of control with food — and *spoiler alert* it has nothing to do with food. I am about to teach you everything you need to know on how to do just that!

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Group Coaching

*One Stop Shop*

Because you know you deserve to live a life way more fulfilling than the one you are living right now. You just need a little guidance to get there. Get your favorite outfit ready & alert the town — I am taking you from why am I like this, all I think about is food to I never knew life could be this good.

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A community of support

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Individual Coaching

*Deeper Process Work*

This is not another diet, meal plan, or guide I am just giving you. With me, you’re creating your own success with the guidance of someone who meticulously studied the rules—then wrote her own. I will lead you to the path to freedom, if you are ready to take the step to follow me there!

Solo sessions with Ryann

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Ryann is the most compassionate and judgment-free person I have ever met! She met me where I was at and had a plan for me moving forward. I always felt like she was prepared for our meetings with a plan of action but was flexible enough to make adjustments for my personal needs. 

— jessica, 1:1 coaching client

I liked how Ryann took a real interest in other aspects of my life too - this helped me to trust her and trust the process as I felt like she really cared about me and my struggles. Ryann has a way of explaining things so they make sense and she totally removed my shame around the things I was struggling with. I really felt like I was talking to a friend.


Ryann is SO relatable and down to earth. She explained things in a way that I just got—but she never made me feel shameful or embarrassed. When I’d ask her questions or explain a struggle I was having she always had a way to work through it. What she does WORKS and I never thought anything would work.

— JENNAH, membership CLIENT

She literally became a friend. Even though she had lots of girls she was working with she always made sure that she was available and checked in often. She always had solutions and ideas for the tough weeks and came from a place of understanding. 

— KATHLEEN, membership CLIENT

My overall experience was wonderful. I always thought I was too far into the dieting cycle to ever make any progress toward healing. Ryann proved me so wrong and helped me get to a point of eating like a normal person. Through her coaching and my desire for change we were a dynamic duo in making my life so much more than my pant size. 


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FREE Support

This community is near and dear to my heart. Not only will I be sharing the best of the best therapeutic skills with you to help you find food freedom, but you will also meet some INCREDIBLE other women sharing their stories of inspiration and hope! I am so freaking happy to have you here!

This is a safe community where you can talk about all your deepest darkest food struggles - and we get it!! (Oh, and not only do we get it - we can all offer support as to how to get out of it!) 

Grab your coffee, pull up a seat to our table completely as you are, and get ready to find endless resources, friends, and supporters to cheer you on as you grow into this new version of you that embraces food freedom!!

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What Makes Me Different

Luckily, working with me isn’t just another diet or fitness plan. This is not just another "try this - it will work." And *fun fact* I have a BA in Psychology and a MA in professional counseling aka I have a HUGE toolbox of skills I'm ready to pass over to you.

Full transparency: There are other health coaches, therapists, and counselors out there (literally thousands - I am aware). Some might help you lose the weight and some might help you feel confident in your body for a bit. HOWEVER, none of them (zip-nada-zero) give you the necessary tools, resources, and guides like I do to help you overcome all of your food struggles so health and wellness can be a part of your life without it being your life.

I get you. I've been there. And I can help.

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It’s never too late
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become               with your body
& make peace with

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your body & make
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I have a toolbox of skills and I am ready to hand them over to Y-O-U!

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