Hi friend!

I’m Ryann, your not-so-average food freedom therapist & virtual coach.

Yeah I do a little of the "how does that make you feel" stuff, but I specialize in helping you create sustainable habits, along with teaching you A-game therapeutic skills so life doesn't have to be so dang hard!

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Ready to finally make peace with food and get back into your freakin life?

Because you know you deserve to live a life way more fulfilling than the one you are living right now. So get that crop top ready & alert the town — I am taking you from why am I like this to I never knew life could be this good.

here's what i do:

Online Courses


Looking for some DIY style help? You know I gotchu! I am putting everything I know into a digital copy for you to take at your own pace!


Group Coaching

Ready to break out of binge eating once and for all? I have created a 12 week group coaching program to do just that! This is a combination of course work AND live work with Ryann


Individual Coaching

Looking for more individualized help? Let's create a plan for working through whatever is keeping you stuck, so you can become the happiest and healthiest version of you now!

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“Working with Ryann was the best thing I never knew I needed. Binge eating is something I thought I would forever struggle with, I don't feel that way anymore. I feel for the first time in my life free. 

- Meliissa Paige

I've opened myself up to living again and not waiting "for when I lose the weight." I take those pictures with my girls. I run around the playground. I buy that dress I love. I buy the bathing suit I love. I feel like I'm a better mom because of Ryann and can be a better example to my baby girls.” 


Enneagram 3, total self improvement nerd who swears Oreos are the best cookie there are. 

FRIEND I know how frustrating the yoyo diet/binge cycle can be, and I KNOW we can get you to a place of food freedom, and just living your freaking life again 🥳  With my approach you will see it is much easier than it seems.

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Ryanns picks

Why Binge Eating Happens & How To Stop

A LIVE workshop with Ryann where you and I will walk through changing your mindset around what the 'problem' is with binge eating (and what it isn't)!


Self Improvement Books that Don't Suck

Want to dive into a little more self improvement work but don't know where to start? Don't worry - I have a list for you!

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Binge Eating FREE Support Group

Because I would never want money to be the one thing that keeps you from living the life you deserve!

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Helping women ditch the crazy around food and step


 In my program I teach you how to eat normally, with sanity, Meal plan? No way - this is about allowing yourself to finally have the foods that you LOVE to make health and wellness a part of your life, without it being your life. 

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into their most



My group coaching program is open for enrollment and I have a spot with your name all over it!

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