Ryann's Experience & Credentials

Ryann graduated from the University of San Diego in 2016 with her BA in General Psychology. During her time as an undergraduate, Ryann Interned at Healthy Within with Dr. Divya Kakaiya. At Healthy Within, Ryann facilitated the Full of Ourselves girls’ prevention program for sixth graders in the San Diego school district. 

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Ryann completed her Masters in Professional Counseling at Ottawa University in 2019. As Ryann completed her Master's Degree, she worked as a second-year intern at Curran Seeley Foundation with Dr. Mani Faez. At Curran Seeley, Ryann led group therapy, worked with clients in individual therapy, taught drug and alcohol prevention programs to the Teton County School District, and worked with adolescents struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse. 

Ryann graduated from Ottawa University in 2019 and proceeded to get her Provisional Professional License (PPC) and was hired as a full-time therapist at Curran Seeley Foundation. Ryann continued her work in group therapy, individual therapy, drug and alcohol assessments, clinical writing, and adolescent education. 

In 2020, Ryann continued her education in nutrition, intuitive eating, and weight neutral coaching by completing and becoming certified as a.. 
  • Weight Neutral Noach through Isabel Foxen Dukes Professional Mentorship Program 
  • Nutrition Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine 
  • Intuitive Eating Counselor through intuitiveeating.org with Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

In 2021, Ryann created an online virtual coaching practice (coaching because therapists cannot practice outside of their licensed state) to help women struggling with disordered eating - and specifically binge eating & emotional eating. Since starting @ItsRyannNicole, Ryann has helped over 100s of women recover from disordered eating, from all over the world. 

In 2022, Ryann completed 3000 hours of clinical work and obtained her Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) License in Wyoming. Following licensure, Ryann left Curran Seeley Foundation to open a private practice and work full time as an online nutrition coach and therapist. 

Now Ryann works as a virtual online coach & therapist, helping woman ditch the crazy around food, make peace with their bodies, and developing coping strategies outside of food.