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I’m so excited to share our first guest, Katie Ziemer, with you all. Today, Katie is sharing her story of how she navigated life when it took a completely different plan for her. Katie is absolutely incredible and I just love listening to her because she reminds me of how important it is to let go of control and just trust the process. So Katie, welcome to the Coffee Talks Therapy Podcast. I’m so excited to have you here today.


Gosh, I literally, my cheeks hurt. I have the biggest smile on my face. That was so sweet. Thank you.


So, I know not everybody knows you, so let’s just start off with you telling us about who you are, what your life kind of looks like now, and what your journey in life has been so far.


Yeah. So, okay, my name’s Katie Jacobs. Well, it’s now Zemer, but we recently got married, so it’s still really weird to say Katie Zemer, but we can just go by Katie Jacobs. But yeah, and then I am a mom. I’m also a bonus mom, or if you don’t know what that is, it’s a stepmom. I’m a wife and a business owner, a co-founder. And a year ago from today, life was a lot different.

And like thinking about this podcast and thinking about like a little bit about my story and, um, just getting to reminisce and think back about like what life was like just a year ago. So thanks for having me on. I’m like a little, I’m a little nervous. This is my first one.


I love it. I love just how, because I’ve known you for, what is it, Ben, like five years? How crazy is that, I guess, if you think about it. Five years.

So seeing all of these changes that you’ve made and knowing you pre-baby, pre-wife, pre-business owner, and now you have all of these things. So tell me about kind of what your life was like growing up and then pre-baby because I feel like Nash, which is the cutest baby name and that is her son. I feel like things really shifted when you had Nash. So let’s chat about what your life was like before Nash.


Yeah, OK. So growing up, I’ll just do a quick back story. I’m from a really small town in Northern California. There’s one high school, one middle school, farm town. We have, this is how farm town it is. We had a taxidermy class, and we had welding. I took welding. I know how to weld. I raised animals in FFA, like just super small town. And then I kind of went through some traumatic experience. And so I up and left my hometown and I moved to Santa Barbara with my best friend.

And I lived there for a year and then I had another opportunity to move so I moved to Orange County and Lived in like Newport Beach and it was so much fun and then I moved to San Diego the next year and I lived there for two years and That is where I actually met my husband Just had a lot of like growing up up that happened in San Diego and it was it was honestly like the best years in life before being a mom I was just like I had just a lot of like different journeys I went through depression and anxiety and just had some really low lows and I had like just bad like relationships with eating and I would like just, you know, drink and like, I just didn’t have a very healthy lifestyle.

And then I quickly changed that around when I met my husband. I mean, he was my boyfriend at the time. And I just wanted to get healthy. And then I got in like the best shape and like felt the best Like about myself and then I got pregnant So that was a little bit hard but Yeah, do you want me to like dive into a little bit more about like? When I got pregnant how it changed with that too.


Let’s just pause there for a sec because I kind of want to talk about living in San Diego and being in this vacation town where everybody is so freaking happy all the time. Everybody looks perfect. You know, everybody’s like, we live, we’re used to great kind of thing and navigating this depression, anxiety and eating stuff when you’re in this kind of environment? Like, what was that like for you?


Yeah, also like growing up, I was always like the bigger friend. Like I’m not, you know, I’m not like big, but I like built. I’ve played sports my whole life. I played volleyball my first year in college. You know, I’ve always done sports. So I just had like more of an athletic frame and my friends were like really skinny and so I would get called fat in high school like guys were super mean to me and just it really like tore my body image apart and so then moving to San Diego and all down Southern California I would just like compare myself but with my depression anxiety I had really awful relationship with food I would like binge eat and it was really just not good for my mental health like at San Diego is pretty much the most beautiful place but it was not good for like my mental health issues and so yeah.

I just really like and then when I met my my boyfriend my husband but my boyfriend at the time he really actually like helped me appreciate the way that I looked and I and he appreciated or he made me appreciate just like who I am and the body that I have. And he really was super supportive of like just being healthy, but also enjoying life. And so that really, really helped. I feel like I forgot to mention something, sorry.


No, I love that. And I love talking about how just like growing up with people that were smaller than you and having friends that were smaller than you because I definitely feel the same. And then going to San Diego, it’s definitely tough. So do you feel like, you know, having your boyfriend and being around people that thought about food and their body differently is kind of what helped you kind of change your mindset?


Yeah, my husband is really, he’s always been into working out and just having like, you know, a healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, like we literally had in and out for dinner last night, but like, we also really just try and like eat, you know, just healthier things and things that make us feel good. And then he’s just always been really into working out. He’s been working out for like 12 years now, like weightlifting. And so that really inspired me to get into my weightlifting journey. And then we would just, when we were done working out, we would want to like eat a healthy meal together. And so it, that totally was what like transformed my whole like relationship with food.

And then, um, going like drinking every weekend and going out and all that stuff, it just like shifted my like view in life. I’m like, I don’t want to feeding my body with things that I know that aren’t good for me. And I want to like feel good when I wake up and feel confident about myself. I totally give like a lot of how I change due to my husband because I have like found to be the most confident in my own skin since I’ve met him and that is really really great that like he makes me feel so good about myself too.


I love that. So okay so you talked about the fact that struggling and then you met Jeremiah and then things kind of started to switch. You’re feeling better, you’re healthy, you’re in killer shape, and then you find out you’re pregnant.


Yeah, so and like I’ve always struggled with my body image issues even when I was getting in the best shape of my life I still would like look in the mirror and nitpick things about what is wrong with me and like my legs need to be smaller, my arms need to be more toned, my waist needs to be smaller and all this stuff and like I wish I didn’t have cellulite on my legs and whatever. But then I get pregnant and honestly that was really hard because I felt like and I would tell my friends like watch when I get pregnant I’m going to be like just I’m going to get so big and I’m not going to be cute and all this stuff and then I get pregnant

Right away like I started to get this bloating and just I Like I had weird bloating issues in the beginning and a lot of people can relate to that when you’re pregnant and So it was really really hard for me to see my body transform transform, especially in the beginning when like you don’t have a bump yet. It’s just this really awkward like you look like you just ate a burrito, kind of bloated, and I didn’t show for a while. It was like this awkward thing and so that I honestly struggled really bad until I finally like looked full blown alone pregnant.

But even then, I really like would, I just, it was hard, not gonna lie. And it was really hard for me because I would see these women on Instagram who like, were just glowing and loved being pregnant and loved the way they looked and all this stuff. And I was just like, wow, I should be so grateful that I’m like, you know carrying this like healthy child and I’m healthy and the whole time I was just like Beating myself up about how I looked and like how it was hard for me to see my body change so

That was hard and like again comparing myself to other people. I Was just like what is wrong with me? Why don’t I love the way I look I’m pregnant I should be like feeling like I’m glowing and on top of the world, but I wasn’t And I also my family was not supportive of me when I got pregnant and so I felt in a way that I needed to Like hide my stomach and I shouldn’t be like flaunting it or anything So that was also a whole other issue that I had but post baby, things have changed a lot and I’m like just so happy with the way that I look. So, yeah.


Talking about all of this kind of body transformation that you were going through and all of these thoughts in your head, this kind of like negativity around your body and all of this stuff that you’re trying to figure out with, you know, the negative comments from your family, and I’m sure kind of the shock from friends because it was kind of unexpected. So, can it be internal, but also external as well? What did that kind of do to your overall self-esteem and confidence? And then going through all of that, how did you pull yourself out on the other side? Because that’s a lot.


Yeah, it’s so crazy. Like, I don’t really ever even think back about that time, because it was not like when I found out I was pregnant, it wasn’t planned, which is what I learned is actually like I was really really depressed I would like cry all the time and also Jeremiah and I were long-distance so I didn’t have him there with me like when I found out or anything or like he didn’t move here with me until I was seven months pregnant and so I was pretty far along.

And yeah, I was depressed. I like wouldn’t want to be around people because I knew that they would like make me feel like crap and I felt super awkward just because it was like should I be feeling like I don’t know it was just so weird like should I talk about this or should I like wear clothing that shows that I’m like growing a human but I felt like I had to cover it because there were people who were just like not super supportive of it but honestly when I actually was full-blown like showing and I had a belly and I look back at pictures now and I was like I was seriously so cute like why was it it’s just so crazy when you’re in the middle of it, like you think you look like this Something you’re not and I look back at pictures.

I’m like, wow, I was cute But when I actually was like showing and I had a belly it was really like my family came around and and I honestly hate even saying like mentioning that they weren’t supportive of it because they’re he has the greatest grandparents and aunts and uncles and all of that like everyone loves him Nash so much and So I like feel bad when I mentioned, you know It was like a dark time when I found out I was pregnant, but things are so different now

But yeah, I just felt super self-conscious. I was like, what in the heck am I gonna do? Like, I’m in college. How am I gonna have a baby? Um, yeah, just there was a lot going on. And then when did everything kind of shift for you? Because this is obviously not the case now. So with my family, um, honestly, it was probably when we decided, um, or they decided they wanted to have a baby shower for me. That’s when it really set in for everyone. Like, okay, there’s actually a baby in here. Like, it’s real and I had like my ultrasound pictures and all that. And then, so that really helped and, you know, everyone really like came around and was supportive of it because I was so confident, like, I’m having this baby and I don’t care like what life looks like right now, but at that, you know, when he’s here, and Pat, like, when I’m a mom now, like, everything is going to work out.

And I kept saying that, like, everything’s gonna be okay. And I, I believe in God. And so I was just praying to him, like, please, like, help guide us through this change with life. And, and I just knew I had this, like, and I’m also an Enneagram 7, so I’m very like, it’s fine. Everything’s going to be fine. It’s all going to work out. It’s going to be okay. And so I just kept telling myself, like, I actually really came around I was like okay I actually really like being pregnant I’m gonna miss this so much and now that I look back on pictures I like want to get pregnant so bad again because I’m just like having a bump is the cutest thing ever I can’t wait to flaunt it so much next time like it is gonna be so fun wearing all the cute like pregnancy clothes and all that. Um, so yeah, things really did shift towards the end and, um, life is just like, so different now.


Oh my gosh. I love it. I love it. And I think that, you know, when you touched on the fact that it’s kind of hard to talk about the fact that that was kind of goes not necessarily off track but on a different track. Sometimes we just don’t know how to navigate that and it really throws us for a loop. I mean as human beings we like to know what’s coming, we like the future trip, we like to plan on this life that we’re going to have. And sometimes we just don’t have control. So you obviously probably had this plan for your life before you got pregnant. And then you got pregnant and I feel like, you know, I totally agree that it was one of those things that I, that just like really helped you blossom because everything that you’re doing right now is absolutely amazing.

So you have this baby and then have completely just like gone above and beyond. Not only is Katie a mom, she’s a wife and she was working at this one job, switched another job and now is running her own business or co-owner of a business. So I want to talk about kind of after you had this baby, what you were doing for work, and then what kind of got you to the work that you’re doing now.


Yeah, okay, so I mentioned that I got pregnant when, so I moved back to Northern California, where I’m from, to finish school. So, got, you know, I had my last two years left, literally a month into my first to last year got pregnant and So I was like, okay well I’m gonna finish out school because I have to have a degree to get a job and all this stuff so I actually like was taking classes in the middle of like having a baby and when he was a newborn, I remember I would be like doing my classes while he was napping on my chest and You know like online and so I finished school while being a new mom and I was babysitting for family friends like because I needed something to be able to take him with me because I couldn’t afford like we didn’t have the money to pay for daycare so I could go work and go to school. So I was just babysitting for friends and family.

And then I graduated when he was about just shy of a year old. And then I had a family friend reach out and say that their job was hiring. And my parents had always told me like, you know, you need to like, go get the eight to five job and get your pension and retirement and 401k and all that stuff, which there’s literally nothing wrong with that. But I’ve known for years and years and years that I was just never gonna be that office job girl. I knew I have this gut feeling. I’m like, it’s just not for me. I’m too, I’m a very like busy person. I love to be on the go and do like just different stuff every day. And with that, I felt so constricted and so um but we honestly we really needed the money like we were so poor um just being completely honest and um I so I got a job and it was for like a um what was it for it was like school a school’s insurance authority.

So from day one, I’m like, oh my gosh, this is just not me, oh my gosh. And I’m also like super type B, so office jobs just like do not align with my brain and how my brain works. And so from day one, I was just like, literally on my breaks, like on my walks, on my lunch breaks, I would go on walks and I’d be like praying to God like God, I know there’s something more for me out there. This is not for me Just like praying that he would guide me to whatever I meant to be doing. Um, and I I think it was like two or three months into my biz or not business into my job. I I randomly messaged this girl on a Facebook moms group that I’m in and I was trying to see like okay what kind of job could give me kind of like a little bit of flexibility and where I didn’t have to put my son in daycare for 40 hours a week.

That was also a really hard thing for me because I was with Nash like every single day except the days I had school I would bring him with me you know to babysit and all this stuff and and so it was just really hard to leave him and be gone from him five days a week and so that was another thing I’m like I just want to be back at home with Nash and also my stepson when he would visit and so I was just praying praying praying and my mom is a real estate agent. And so I’m like, okay, well, maybe, you know, I could do what she does. And she was like, do not do real estate. Don’t do it. It’s like, no. She’s just like so burnt out with it because she’s been doing it for so long. And, um, but she’s, is amazing at it.

But so I’m like, okay, maybe I can find a younger mom who’s doing it who isn’t super burnt out with it and I can see her opinion on it. And so I randomly find this girl on this Facebook moms group and I message her and I’m like, hey, you know, sorry this is super random but could I like know a little bit more about you doing real estate? And she, it went, I didn’t realize Facebook has like a message request, like it doesn’t go to your inbox and so I think like a week or two went by and she didn’t open it and I was like like dang it you know and then one day she replies she’s like oh my gosh I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this and so we get on a call just so we could chat a little bit more and she tells me about her real estate and she also like has her own business with a health and wellness company.

I had heard about it and I’m like, oh yeah, but that’s probably not for me. I don’t know. But she just shared how she’s had success with it. I was just like, I think this is what God is putting in my life because I’ve been praying about another opportunity. And we also had like way more month left than money. So I actually like needed a second stream of income in some sort of way. So I was just like, okay, you know what, I’m just going to do this. Like if this chick can do it, whatever, I’m going to do it too. So that night I dove in and I got started with my business and I literally like just ran with it and I quit my job like out of I totally like ambushed my husband and I was like I called him one day and I’m like okay babe so funny thing um I quit my job. And he’s like, what? Like, you what? I’m like, yeah, but it’s going to be fine, because I am going to kill it with my new business. And I just, it’s fine.

I had to shut the back door, and I’m just going to run with this, and I’m going to make it work. And so he was seriously like, oh my god. But I had to bet on myself. Like I knew I was the person that could do it. And like, so yeah. And now, you know, this is my, like, this is my life now. And this is how I’m able to have my time, freedom and, um, and flexibility and be present with my family and be able to travel whenever, um, and take my business with me wherever. And then I, well, I should stop there and then we can keep going, but that’s the motive. So yeah.


You know, I love listening to that because I am the exact opposite. I’m so type A. So like, I’m like hearing, I like have anxiety listening to your story. Like, how could you not have anything planned? But I love it because I love like, whether you’re spiritual or religious or not, this kind of trust in life, and this kind of just like trusting the process and trusting that everything will work out.

And sometimes I feel like when we try to control things so much, which I’m so guilty of, because I am like, I need this plan, and this plan, and this plan, and I know exactly what’s coming next, which isn’t always the best thing. But when we can just sometimes let go and loosen that grip and kind of just be like, things fail or things don’t work out, it’s just going to lead me to the next step. And I feel like kind of where you were. However, you know, it sounds like you kind completely had your mind up. Did you have any doubts or like any fear or were you just like, all right, let’s go?


Yeah. So I was like, crapping myself. I’m like, okay, well, I literally have to make this work because like, I told my family that I’m going to make this work. And so like, I have no other option. And like, I had enough money saved to get us by for like two months. And so I’m like, okay, I have two months to make it work. And like, and then from there, I have to like, be able to match my income from my old job. And so I did. But yeah, I mean, like, I was, I was scared. And I was like, you know, I’m like laying in bed, thinking like, Oh my God, what if this doesn’t work out? Like, you know, my, what if I have to go back and get like a job that I hate again and put Nash back in daycare?

Cause I pulled him out like right when I quit. Um, and just, I had the doubts and fears, but like in, like Ryann was saying, if, you know, you don’t have to be spiritual or believe in God or whatever, but like just trusting in the universe. Cause I totally believe in trusting in the universe that like the universe has your back and when you take a leap of faith for something like it has your back but you have to be willing to put in the work you can’t just be like okay I’m gonna do this and it’s just gonna like work out and I’m gonna sit back and like let it happen but no you have to you in the work for it.

So yeah, I worked really hard to be able to match my income that I had. And then I just kept growing. And I really believe in what I do so much. And so I never look at it as something like, I don’t know, like dreadful or whatever. It’s just my lifestyle and it’s become part of my life and my husband’s life and all that.

And so, yeah, it was crazy. I remember my mom was like, we got in like a yelling match in my house because she was just like, what are you thinking? Like, oh my God, what are you doing? And I’m just like, mom, it’s gonna be fine. Like, I’m gonna make it work. And she was just like, you can’t just make a living off of this. And I’m like, yes, I can. I will, like, I will do it. And I just had to bet on myself. And so, yeah, it’s so, I love thinking about like, when I took that leap of faith and I closed the back door because it was like so fun. Cause I’m like, okay, let’s freaking go. Like I can’t let this work.


Yeah. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love that. And like having this transition from this eight to five job to this new job and you also have a baby and you have a stepson and a boyfriend who’s now husband. So how did you find balance in all of this and taking this leap of faith to really dedicate time to this work that obviously took time, but also all this other stuff that you have to do just to maintain sanity and health as well?


Yeah, so honestly, like I ask for help. My mom helps me, but majority of the time, like, life, it might look balanced, but like, it’s not. But I don’t know. It is, but it isn’t. Like, I, it, we go through crazy seasons of just like, you know, doing a lot and I will be like, working a lot more and not getting my kids enough attention or whatever but like it’s just busier seasons and then there’s like slower seasons life where you get to kind of like sit back and and have that time with your family but I pretty much like I would take Nash would just be with me all the time. Like I, if I had phone calls or had to go like meet people or whatever, he would just come with me.

And it was so fun because I’m like, this is why I quit my job, like because I wanted to. Right. And so I didn’t feel like shame or really guilt bringing him places with me when, um, because it was like, I, this is why I quit my job and this is what is allowing me to be at home with my family and so um yeah but I do I do have help um I don’t want to act like I just do it all because I I have help and also Jeremiah helps me a lot like when um and now Nash is like in part-time he goes two days a week to hang out with other kids um and so that helps like right now I’m able to do this without him being in the background because he’s at daycare, but Yeah, it just I don’t know.

It was like I just did it all but I wasn’t ever I was like so in the moment I wasn’t ever thinking of like I Don’t know thinking of like oh my god. What what am I gonna do about this? I’ll just do it. Like, oh, I don’t have help with Nash for if I need to go do this thing. Like, okay, well, I’ll just bring it with me. It’s fine. So I think, and I think when, you know, moms or just people in general are, like, wanting to pursue creating like a business or, you know, starting a business or what, like, just doing something that they’re not doing now, that’s kind of like, on their dream list.

I think we tend to like, feel that we have to wait for the perfect timing or like, you have to have be able to, like, just have help or whatever, but there’s never going to be a perfect timing ever. Like, and there’s just, it’s gonna be like a beautiful chaotic thing but it’s just like so fun in the moment and yeah I seriously love looking back and thinking about how life was when I first started this because it was just like so crazy but so fun.


Right and it’s so amazing to be able to look back and see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed and kind of just the journey of life. And I really appreciate you saying the fact that you did ask for help and you did have help because I feel like a lot of times on social media when people are making these changes or they have these incredible businesses or this lifestyle and it’s easy to just see on the highlight reel like how are they doing that and not to really recognize the fact that sometimes it does take out and there’s nothing wrong with it.

I mean, I have helped. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t have help, you know what I mean? So I really love that you say that and just, you know, acknowledge that because I feel like that’s something that a lot of people, it’s almost like there’s this negative stigma around asking for help and this idea that help means weakness, but no, a help takes you or can take you to levels that surpass just what we’re able to do.


Yeah, and even I, like Nash recently started going to daycare again part-time and I was just like, for months I was like, putting it off because I just thinking to myself, I, the reason why I started this was because I am supposed to be at home with him and he is, for people probably don’t know, but he’s like two, two years, three months, almost four months. So we got to a point where it was like, I am just not, I’m not giving him enough, like just me, and I wasn’t giving him enough, like, you know, interaction and he, or not interaction, but like, he, kids need to like, be with other kids and like, have that. more. And so, other than like my mom and stuff.

And so, I pulled the trigger and I was like, okay, I’m just gonna do it two times a week for just a couple hours. And so that way, like, it can fill his cup up to, you know, get that with other kids. And then I also can feel more sane, like, not just being a mom 24 seven, where I can be Katie for a little bit and have time to myself and like it fills my cup up, too But like also if you know your mom listening to this thinking like you’re gonna have to go get help because I’m saying that you don’t I did it for over a year without like putting him in something, you know, but it was just It was just what I felt in the time that I needed to do.


Yeah, yeah. I love that. Okay, so I also want to chat about the new business that you launched. Yes. Very, very recently. So for those that don’t know anything about Hazy Rose and this amazing company you and your other girlfriends have created, fill us in.


Yeah, so, so funny. I was listening to a podcast and she was talking about how pretty much like to follow your dreams, follow your heart, and another thing I’ve always wanted to do is kind of open up like a like a clothing, not a boutique, but like like apparel, like comfy shirts and sweatshirts and stuff. And I was like, yeah, that would be so fun, but I don’t really know how to do that. And I couldn’t do it by myself. Like, I don’t know how to do all the back end stuff. And I would have these doubts. Like, I don’t know how to make a good social media for it and all this stuff.

And so one day my girlfriend, I’m in this group chat with like my two best friends. She was talking about how she’s always wanted to like have a little like clothing apparel. And I’m like, wait, and her name’s Liz. And I was like, Liz, I literally was just thinking about this yesterday when I was listening to a podcast. And so it was so like, spur of the moment, we were just like, should we like open up a little apparel thing? And so we, that night we like came up with a name for it, Hazy and Rose, we don’t have any meaning behind it, we just thought it was super cute.

And from there we just like started doing research on, you know, like what we want our brand to be like and really what we want to be known for. And it’s pretty much like super comfy, cozy apparel. Like we had t-shirts and sweatshirts and we just had our first launch so we have a lot more up our sleeves. But we have like some bralettes and then we’re coming out with hats and other like just cute apparel. But yeah, we pretty much just like dove in and we had three weeks we’re like, okay, our launch date is going to be October 1.

And so we started that and it was chaotic. It was like, so crazy. And I live an hour away from my other two best friends. And so I was driving up there all the time to and it’s been really fun. But yeah, it was like, again, kind of a spur of the moment thing, but it’s really, really awesome to be doing this alongside with my other two friends, because we all have something that one doesn’t like, excel in.

So for me, I’m good at the backend stuff. Like I do the computer like inventory website stuff and then my girlfriend Liz runs like the Instagram because she’s super good with like aesthetic stuff she’s like amazing and then my other girlfriend Darian she does she handles like the shipping and packaging and like but we all I don’t know it’s just it’s so fun so that’s another thing I’ve added onto my plate, but I don’t regret any of it because it’s just been super, super awesome.


My gosh, I’m just so excited about this. And, oh, it’s the cutest, cutest clothes. And I will link Katie’s website and Hazy and Rose’s website in the show notes for this episode. So if you’re looking where to find Hazy and Rose and check out all their super cute stuff. That’ll be in the show notes.

But Katie, I just wanted to end today with advice. Would you have to anybody that’s kind of stuck in this job but scared to take that leap of faith and do what they want to do. What advice would you have to that person kind of just like sitting in that middle ground spot right now?


Yeah, so something I honestly believe that a huge reason why we don’t start the things that we want to do in life is because majority of the time we’re just scared of people’s opinions. Like we’re scared of what our family is going to think, our friends are going to think, our husband, wives, whatever. I think a lot of it has to do with other people’s opinions. And there’s this quote I read in, I think it was Girl, Wash Your Face from Rachel Hollis. Oh, wow. I love her and it was other people’s opinions are none of my business and that I seriously remind myself that all the time when I’m scared about something or I get this like doubt of like this girl.

She’s gonna think I’m like so weird or whatever But at the end of the day Literally not like other people’s opinions are none of your business you These people aren’t going to pay your bills, they’re not going to live your life, they’re not chasing your dreams, they’re not, like, following what you want to do in life. And I truly believe like, we set ourselves back when we’re scared of other people’s opinions. But it’s like, why does it matter? Truly at the end of the day? Why do we care what these people from high school that we don’t even talk to are going to think about us? Or cousins that we don’t even like are going to think about us?

It’s so crazy to me that we let these opinions of other people, that majority of the time we will never hear their opinions, but we think about them in our head, and we don’t know that they actually think this. And we let that hold us back from pursuing what we want to do. And it’s just like, it’s sad to me, but I think the more you spread that quote to other people, it really can help, because it’s helped me a lot. And pretty much, I just want to say that you’re never going to find the right time in life for anything. Like, there’s never going to be a perfect moment. You know, it might, things might slow down where you’re like, okay, I can finally do this. But then something’s going to get in your way where you’re like, oh, I can’t do it anymore.

But you just have to trust that like, there’s never right timing, you just have to keep going. And you have to like, remember your why of why you’re doing what you want to do. And like trust the process and trust that, you know, the universe has your back, just don’t ever quit and don’t give up on your dreams.


Katie, your mindset, your everything, that was so powerful. Thank you. So where can everybody find you?


Yeah, so you can find me on Hazy and Rose Co on Instagram. That’s our clothing apparel. And then I’m also thinking about starting up my YouTube channel again. I used to yes, yes, yes, I know I used to post videos and I loved it so much and then I just honestly I let other people’s opinions get to me And that was like years ago. So I’m thinking about starting it up again.

Um, I Honestly can’t even remember my username, but oh, oh, I think it’s no, I don’t know


So I’ll make sure that she A, posts another video and B, has the right username when this episode airs. All right, Katie, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story and being so vulnerable and real on here. And I just I feel inspired. Like I feel like I’m like, all right, let’s go take on the world. So thank you so much.


You’re so welcome. I’m so happy to be on here and be your first guest. And I just I can’t wait to watch everything grow for you too. I’m so excited.

Ryann Nicole

Licensed Therapist, Certified Nutritionist, and Virtual Wellness Coach

Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

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Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.