090. Jesse White, RD, @lovenourishsweat: How Hormones Play A Role In Binge Eating Recovery

090. Jessie White, RD, @lovenourishsweat: How Hormones Play A Role In Binge Eating Recovery

July 20, 2022

Ryann Nicole

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Today I am welcoming guest Jessie White to the Food Freedom Lab to talk about hormones and binge eating recovery!! This is a topic I have yet to bring to the pod, yet one I didn’t want to miss. If you’ve ever wondered how hormones play a role in recovery and what you need to know about hormones in recovery, this is your episode!! 


Jessie is a holistic nutritionist with a decade of clinical experience helping women overcome binge eating and find food freedom…and she has also been there herself! After overcoming a binge eating disorder and exercise bulimia, she became a nutritionist. She began to work with clients to support them in all the ways she wished she had supported them during her recovery.  

Jessie works individually with clients within her 12-week Binge Eating Recovery Program to help guide them from binge eating to balance through the physiological and emotional pieces of the journey.  She believes that your plate reflects your life, and the patterns in your relationship to food also appear in other areas.


  • Jessie's Recovery Story 
  • Why You Need to Address Your Hormones When Recovering from Binge Eating
  • What if you don't have a period? Then what? (re: q ^ above)
  • You state, “I believe that your plate reflects your life” – tell us more!
  • Weight loss and binge eating recovery – can the two co-exist?
  • Balancing your plate for binge freedom

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