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006. Allie Landry, @Make_Life_Peachy: Ditching the Diet & Finding Food Freedom

November 25, 2020

Ryann Nicole

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But my ultimate goal is to provide you with the resources you need, in an easy-to-understand way, on healing your disordered relationship with food and your body. 

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We are getting #real on the Food Freedom Lab Podcast today, chatting about all things FOOD FREEDOM. Today, guest Allie Landry dives deep into how to ditch the diet and finally embrace food freedom in your life. Allie used to be a yo-yo dieter, literally counting calories in ketchup, always comparing herself to others, and was consumed with getting smaller. She struggled with restriction, binging, body negativity, comparison, an unhealthy obsession with diet, and exercise. I mean all the things – which is what makes her so relatable! 

Like many of us, she thought that getting smaller was the answer to making her feel better, but the number was never enough. However, she has discovered how to finally find happiness through food freedom and ditching the diet. 

For Allie, this meant: 

  • Being more present in life 
  • Living more in the moment 
  • Celebrating her body 
  • Having more energy
  • Maintaining her happy weight without effort

Overall, living the life she was meant to live!  Now Allie works with other women struggling with diet culture to help them find freedom. 

Allie is the kind of dietician I had when I struggled because she is real, raw, and authentic. She is such a positive life and is so unbelievably knowledgeable about nutrition and finding what is best for YOU. If you are struggling to ditch the diet, this is your episode.


Allie Landry is the girl behind @make_life_peachy on Instagram. She is a virtual dietician and owner of her private practice, Make Life Peachy, LLC. She works with hundreds of women through 1:1 coaching, group boot camps, and through her Instagram platform to help women find food freedom and become confident AF in their own skin. 

allie landry


Food Freedom is about the food, yes, but it is more about being in your life! Food freedom is not simply eating cookies and chips all day; it is choosing food based on preference rather than the rule.

When Allie talks about food freedom, she explains how it gives you more control rather than less. 


size doesn’t matter, wear the size that fits & makes you feel good! #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bodyimage #bodyimageactivist #antidiet #nondiet

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Do you know the difference?

Food rule // any decision about food (what to eat, when to eat, etc) that is based on outside sources or what you think is “right” or “good,” not your own knowledge of what feels good to you and what your body is needing

Food preference // making a food choice based on what you enjoy most, find most satisfying, feel the best eating, etc., based on your body's needs and desires.

In this episode, Allie gives amazing examples of how to differentiate between food rules and food preferences and how to know if you are choosing your food based on rules or preferences. 


Are you worried about what will happen to your weight when you stop dieting? Allie works to help people When you begin to let go of the diet culture and truly listen to your body, your weight will go to its setpoint. Your happy weight is the weight your body goes to when you are enjoying the most life. 

Ultimately your ideal weight is the one where you can go out for ice creat with freinds and truly enjoy the moment. It's where you can travel and try new foods, while making memories with people that you are about. Its where you can chat about your hopes and dreams over bunch wihtout calculating number in your head or feeling guilty about something that you ate. It's where you can fullly engage in your life because you are not constant consumed with thouhgt about food and your body. – Jennifer Rollin


Whys is it so freaking hard to ditch the diet? And why is intuitive eating such a simple concept yet so difficult sometimes to do? Allie dives deep into this and so much more, and I cannot wait for you to hear all her knowledge on this topic. Press play on the player above to listen now! 

Connect with Allie at @Make_Life_Peachy on Instagram, and if you are interested in learning more about working with Allie, click here

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