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014. Danielle Havens, @daniellehavenshealth: Boosting Happiness With Mindful Movement

January 27, 2021

Ryann Nicole

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On the Food Freedom Lab Podcast today, I am chatting with Danielle Havens, otherwise known as @daniellehavenshealth to pick her brain on all things mindful movement. Guest Danielle dives deep into mindful movement and how it changed her life.

Danielle is a health & wellness coach for women who feel overwhelmed, a registered nurse, a mama, and a certified barre and yoga instructor. After receiving her BS in Nursing, she worked in the public health care system (a large hospital university) and as a school nurse for several years before leaping into full-time wellness entrepreneurship. Her specialty is empowering busy women to step into their power and begin to put themselves first. She does this by helping them find extreme clarity in their goals and life purpose, build their self-care toolkit, find joyful movement, and connect deeply with themselves through mindfulness.

Today Danielle is sharing with us what mindful movement is and how to incorporate it into your current lifestyle!

“mindfulness is a practice becasue it is always something we are learning, growing, and never something you master.”

Danielle Havens

I am excited to welcome Danielle to The Food Freedom Lab today to discuss how to incorporate mindful movement into our lives. And, if you are struggling with an unhealthy relationship with movement, this episode is a must-listen!

Danielle's Story

Danielle went from being an intense workout bunny to a mindful movement queen. This all started when she realized how much movement was taking over her life and Danielle was challenged to take a week from working out. Although the beginning of the week was uncomfortable, Danielle had an entirely new appreciation for her body towards the end of the week. She realized how important rest is and how much more energized she felt after giving her body rest. Also, she realized in that week she took off, her body did not change!! And at that moment, Danielle asked herself, “Why am I killing myself with these workouts I don't even really enjoy?”

What Mindfulness means to Danielle

So, mindfulness is:

  • being present in your everyday life
  • being present in your physical body
  • experiencing the here, now, at this moment
  • paying attention on purpose
  • being – with no “right” or “correct” way to do it

Bringing mindfulness into the daily routine

Some examples Danielle shares of bringing mindfulness into your daily routine include being more mindful when: showering, making your bed, brushing your hair, or having an iced latte in the morning.

Danielle says to try bringing mindfulness into what is already done, which will help make it feel less overwhelming.

So what is mindful movement?

Mindful movement is essentially connecting movement to awareness, attention, and breath. Further, it is being aware of the intention behind your movement. Mindful movement is not about physical goals but appreciating and loving your body. Mindful movement is great to help you trust your body. The more you pay attention on purpose to your body, the more aware of what it needs you will be

Danielle's advice

  1. Know you’re not alone in being new to mindfulness
  2. It is okay to ask for help
  3. Always reach out to someone you feel you can trust
  4. Remember that simplicity can be key
  5. Consistency is going to make a bigger overall impact than perfection


Why call it movement rather than exercise? How do you let go of being attached to workouts? How can you incorporate more mindfulness into what you're already doing? And soooo much more! Press play on the player above to listen now!

Connect with Danielle Havens on Instagram at @daniellehavenshealth or at www.daniellehavens.com here.

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