114. Twenty-Two Things I Learned In 2022

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Ryann Nicole

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Hey, it’s Ryann from the Food Freedom Lab. Can you believe it’s the beginning of 2023 already? Before we dive into the lessons from 2022, a quick heads up: my group coaching program is opening next week. If you’re interested in working together to heal your relationship with food, visit itsryannikol.com/group or click the link in the description.

Lessons from 2022

  1. I can’t make someone ready to change: This was a tough lesson. Not everyone is ready for change, and that’s okay. It doesn’t reflect on my abilities as a therapist or coach.
  2. Wedding diet culture is toxic: Even preparing for my own wedding, I couldn’t escape the toxic messages about losing weight. It’s a reminder that these cultural pressures are pervasive and challenging to avoid.
  3. Few books on binge eating: Surprisingly, there aren’t many books specifically addressing binge eating. Maybe it’s time for me to consider writing one.
  4. Busy doesn’t mean productive: Being busy doesn’t equate to being productive. It’s essential to focus on meaningful tasks rather than filling time for the sake of it.
  5. Working for yourself is lonely: Transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship was exciting but brought loneliness. It made me realize the value of teamwork and camaraderie.
  6. People actually listen to this podcast: The podcast started as a response to frequently asked questions, but it turns out people are actively tuning in. It’s heartwarming to know it’s making a difference.
  7. It’s easier to drink water when you love the bottle: Finding a water bottle I loved transformed my hydration habits. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s about the vessel, not just the content.
  8. Choosing to do or not do something is still a choice: Every decision, whether to act or refrain, is a choice with consequences.
  9. I enjoy reading for fun: A surprising discovery for someone who once dismissed reading for pleasure. It’s become a source of joy and escape.
  10. Someone always has an opinion: No matter what I do, someone will have an opinion. It’s a realization that guides me to create content that aligns with my values.
  11. Imposter syndrome persists: Despite my qualifications and experience, imposter syndrome still creeps in. Messages of appreciation from listeners help combat these feelings.
  12. Food fears are relatable: The Food Fear Challenge highlighted how common food fears are. Breaking them together creates a powerful sense of community.
  13. TikTok is a time sink: The allure of “just one more video” makes it easy to lose hours on TikTok. It’s a reminder to use social media mindfully.
  14. I’m easily influenced: Influencers have a real impact. From water bottles to various products, I’m not immune to their sway.
  15. Investing in learning is worth it: If someone can help me learn and grow faster, it’s worth the investment. Time is the one resource we can’t increase.
  16. Taking risks is essential for growth: Growth often involves stepping out of comfort zones and taking risks. It’s scary but necessary.
  17. Fix and Fog Everything Butter is the ultimate nut butter: Sometimes, you discover culinary delights that become instant favorites. In this case, it’s Everything Butter.
  18. I can provide the tools, but change is personal: Offering the tools and knowledge is one thing; individuals must choose to use them. I can’t do the work for them.
  19. Continued therapy is crucial: Even as a therapist, the toll of social media work requires regular therapy. It’s a reminder to prioritize self-care.
  20. Sale doesn’t equal necessity: Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean I need it. It’s a work in progress to focus on quality over quantity.
  21. Having a dog changed me: Despite not being a dog person, having a golden retriever named Jack has brought immense joy and changed my perspective.
  22. There’s always more to learn: The pursuit of knowledge is endless. Staying open-minded and recognizing there’s always more to learn keeps me grounded.


These lessons have shaped my journey in 2022, and I’m excited for what 2023 holds. Remember, you can prioritize personal growth without making it all about your body and weight. Here’s to a year of positive changes. If you want more support, connect with me on Instagram @itsryannnicole or join my free Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/itsryannnicole. Sending you a virtual hug—thanks for being part of the Food Freedom Lab!

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Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

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Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.