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How To Stop Snacking All The Time: Start Here

January 30, 2023

Ryann Nicole

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We all have them on occasion… that bottomless pit, “can't stop snacking” type of day. You know, those days where you find yourself heading back into the kitchen 20 minutes after you just ate. But what about when that occasional day turns into every day? When you find yourself running to Google and searching:

‘how to stop snacking?!’

First of all, no judgment. It’s not some kind of personal failure or lack of basic willpower. You’re not a flawed human being. However, there is likely something else going on that is triggering this endless snacking. So, put on your detective 🔎 hat, and let’s get to the bottom of this using these five basic questions. 

Q1: Am I eating enough throughout the day?

Endless snacking may be because your body is asking for more food and it needs more energy. Solution: Try to eat every 3-4 hours. This will help regulate hunger levels throughout the day.

Q2:. Am I getting a balance of all nutrients?

“Can't stop” snacking may be a sign your body is experiencing an imbalance of nutrients. Solution: Try to build a snack with a combination of macronutrients.  

  • For example: Add a spoonful of peanut butter alongside your pretzels. 
  • Or open this post on balancing your snacks 

Q3: Am I allowing these foods regularly?

Endless snacking may be because you’re not allowing yourself to eat these foods regularly. Solution: Try to add these snack foods regularly into your meals.  

  • For example: Add a side of chips to your sandwich

Q4: Am I appropriately managing my emotions?

Endless snacking may be because you’re using food to cope with your feelings. Solution: Try to work on addressing and regulating your emotions

Q5: Do I have 3 filling and satisfying meals daily?

Endless snacking may be because you’re not making nourishing, balanced meals and snacks. Solution: Try to build meals that are a bit more filling. 

  • Make sure you are eating enough at your meals so you leave the table feeling full and satisfied  

See: filling and satisfying meals

How To Stop Snacking TLDR;

Too long didn’t read: There are so many reasons that may lead you to Google, “how to stop snacking?!” Let’s save you from the google rabbit hole and keep it simple: Maybe you’re not eating filling meals. Maybe you’re using snacks to cope with your emotions. Maybe you’re not truly listening to your body. Therefore, before you shame yourself for your endless snacking, look at these five questions, dig into your triggers, and try something new.

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