Gut Health: Is This The Secret to a Happier You?

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Ryann Nicole

Let’s discuss the incredible connection between your gut and your mental health. That’s right, the gut – also known as your second brain – plays a pivotal role in your happiness. Ever heard that roughly 90% of your serotonin, the mood-regulating neurotransmitter, hangs out in your gut? Yep, it’s like the ultimate mood manager.

What To Know About Gut Health

Here’s the deal: while depression isn’t caused by what’s on your plate or the state of your gut, the food you eat and the health of your gut can certainly help kick depression to the curb. It’s all about maintaining a balanced diet filled with nutrient-packed foods that keep your gut in a good mood, which, in turn, gives your brain a boost. So, let’s dish out the top five things you need to know about gut health in a language that’s as easy to digest as your favorite meal:

1. Your Body Knows Best – Listen Up!

Our bodies are like wise sages that always know what’s best. Sometimes, we might think we’re smarter than our bodies, but trust me, that doesn’t end well. If your body’s sending you signals about what it can or can’t digest, pay attention. I had my own struggle with digestive issues, and it took me a while to realize I needed to listen to my body. Don’t ignore those hints.

2. The Serotonin Surprise

Did you know that a whopping 90% of serotonin, the mood maestro, is whipped up in your gut? That’s right! Serotonin doesn’t just regulate mood; it also has its hands in your sexual desire, digestion, and appetite. So, when you’ve binged on not-so-healthy goodies, and you’re feeling like a sluggish, heavy, moody couch potato, now you know why. I mean, who binges on carrots and kale, right?

3. Stress – The Unlikely Culprit

Ever had a day where you ate your usual foods, but suddenly, you’re feeling like a balloon ready to pop? That’s stress playing tricks on your digestion. It messes with the speed at which food travels through your system. Mind-blowing, right? So, those tummy troubles you’ve been blaming on your meals might actually be more about your stress levels than what’s on your plate.

4. Supplements Are Helpers, Not Saviors

While supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes can give your gut a little nudge in the right direction, they’re not the magical cure-all. Real gut healing is about changing your diet, reducing stress, and learning which foods vibe with your body. It’s a process, not a quick fix.

5. Patience Is a Gut-Healing Virtue

As they say, good things take time. The same goes for healing your gut. You won’t transform it overnight, but it’s a journey well worth the effort. Start by picking up a solid probiotic – they’re like little gut superheroes. Not only do they bring in the good bacteria, but they also keep your digestion, bowel movements, and nutrient absorption in tip-top shape.

Why does knowing this matter?

Now, here’s the golden nugget of wisdom: your gut and your brain are an epic team. Your body needs both of them to be happy and healthy. The beauty of it all is that, even if you’ve given your gut a tough time, you can nurse it back to health. It takes a bit of time and dedication, but trust me, it’s worth it. No more dealing with bloated, painful, gassy nights – you can say goodbye to that discomfort!

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Ryann Nicole

Licensed Therapist, Certified Nutritionist, and Virtual Wellness Coach

Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

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Ryann is a licensed therapist and virtual wellness coach who has assisted individuals worldwide in establishing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.