Two Months With Baby Charlotte: Ryann’s Postpartum Reflection

2 months

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Ryann Nicole

Charlotte, at 2 months old, has brought us to the delightful stage of smiles, chatter, and witnessing the blossoming of her little personality. Let me tell you, it turns every sleepless night into a truly worthwhile experience!

Month Two Postpartum Reflection

One more month in the books, and life just keeps getting more wonderful. Call it cliché, but becoming a mom is genuinely the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve never experienced such a blend of exhaustion and pure happiness. Believe it or not, I find myself missing her even in the middle of the night, and she doesn’t sleep through it yet! I suppose this is why people go through this more than once—the challenges are easily overshadowed by all the positives!


I’m aware that technically, my body is still in the healing phase, but personally, I feel fully healed now. I consulted with a pelvic floor therapist who discharged me, affirming that everything looked good. At my 6-week appointment, my OB cleared me, and all aspects appeared favorable. My stitches have completely healed. It’s astonishing to reflect on the fact that just two months ago, I brought this baby into the world.

Working Out

I waited until I got the green light before diving into any workouts. Taking the time to let my body truly rest was a priority, ensuring I didn’t push too hard and end up prolonging the healing process. Post my 6-week checkup, I gradually returned to the gym. Starting with incline walks on the treadmill, I’ve now incorporated a few days of strength training. While I’m still easing into it, the feeling of being back is simply rejuvenating.

My physical fitness journey looks quite different from before pregnancy—no “bouncing back” happening over here. Despite staying active throughout my entire pregnancy, it feels like a fresh start. Instead of letting it dishearten me, I see it as an exciting opportunity to rebuild strength.


I find myself grappling with a bit of an identity crisis, and it’s stirring up some emotions. While I’ve cherished every moment spent at home with Charlotte, returning to work is proving to be more challenging than I anticipated. It’s okay to admit that emotionally, I’m not entirely okay. But that’s perfectly okay! We’re in this together, and we’ll figure it out.

Changes With Charlotte

Charlotte has truly blossomed this month—she’s become incredibly alert and talkative! Her fascination with looking at herself in the mirror, reaching for things she spots, and mastering the art of lifting her head is simply adorable. We’re witnessing the early signs of her delightful personality taking shape, and I have a feeling she’s going to be a little firecracker. There’s a definite dose of humor and drama already—almost as if she’s inherited those traits. 😉


Charlotte is consuming approximately 3 oz of Kendamil formula every 3 hours, sometimes a bit less but never more.


Our sleep routine continues with a tag-team effort between my husband and me. He takes the night shift, and I take over around 3:30/4 a.m. Currently, Charlotte drifts off to sleep around 7:30 p.m., wakes for a feed at around 1 a.m., again at 4 a.m., and officially starts her day around 7 a.m. There’s nothing particularly fancy in our approach, except that we use the SNOO to assist her in getting quality sleep.


Body image still varies from day to day. I’m actively practicing radical acceptance and embracing the idea that my body might just be different now—and that’s perfectly okay.


I’ve joined this fantastic group called Happy Moms School through Modern Milk. It’s an 8-week class where you connect with moms whose due dates are within a one-month timeframe, ensuring that no baby in the group is more than a month apart in age. It’s not only a blast for making new mom friends, but it’s also incredibly rewarding to have friends with babies who are literally the same age as mine. Such a wonderful and supportive community!

Baby Stats

One Month Weight: 10 pounds and 12 ounces

One Month Height: 22.6 inches

She Is Currently Loving: the boba wrap, her Maxi-Cosi chair, and ceiling fans

She Is Currently NOT Loving: being on her back

Night Sleeping: Goes to bed around 7:30p and wakes 2x at night to feed (usually around 1a and 4:30a)

She Is Eating: 3oz of formula every 3 hours

She Is Wearing Clothing Size: 0-3mo

She Is Wearing Diaper Size: 0 (but it’s getting tight!)

Bonus fun fact – she lost all the hair on the top of her head (literally just the top, she looked like an old man) at 5 weeks and it’s just now growing back

Most Used Month Two Items 

Here are the new items we’ve been absolutely loving and using the most during month two:

1. Boba Wrap

After finally figuring out how to use it, I find myself wearing the Boba Wrap with Charlotte multiple times a day. It’s incredibly comfortable, and Charlotte adores it. It’s become our go-to solution during her fussier moments between 6-8 weeks. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for my back when she just wants to be held. Highly recommend!

2. Fisher Price Play Mat

Spotted on TikTok, impulsively bought, and now loved. While Charlotte started fully enjoying it around 7 weeks, she now tries to grab the hanging toys and coos at herself in the mirror. The added bonus? The music it plays is surprisingly not that bad! I’ve turned into a songbird, serenading Charlotte with all the tunes.

3. Goosewaddle Pello

A thoughtful Christmas gift from my mother-in-law that we use every day. Although Charlotte is still a bit too small to sit in it as is, we improvise by placing a blanket in the center to prop her up. It’s the perfect spot for her playtime on the floor or the couch, and I love that I can even lay my head on it while next to her.

4. UppaBaby Snugseat

Charlotte wasn’t a fan of the stroller bassinet, so we switched to the seat. However, she was still a bit too small for it until we discovered the UppaBaby Snugseat. Now, she sits comfortably in the full chair, and we can go on walks without her being upset about not seeing anything. (Trust me, this child is a drama queen 😅).

5. Maxi-Cosi Chair

Recommended by my cousin, this chair turned out to be a surprising hit. Initially thinking we’d use it more as she got older, we randomly put her in it one day, and she absolutely loved it. It’s perfect for mealtime hangs—she just chills while we eat. The adjustable heights also make it versatile; we had it laid back initially until she got better at holding her head, and now it’s upright.

Items We’re Still Loving:

1. Doona Car Seat & Stroller

The Doona Stroller has become my trusty sidekick in the first month of parenthood. Its seamless transition from car seat to stroller is nothing short of magic, making outings and errands a breeze. No more fumbling with complicated mechanisms – just a swift transformation that keeps me and the little one on the move without missing a beat.


Enter the SNOO, our sleep savior and certified magic cradle. This innovative bassinet has woven its enchantment, lulling our little one into peaceful slumber with its responsive technology. The SNOO’s ability to detect and soothe has turned those potentially sleepless nights into a dreamy haven for both baby and exhausted parents.

3. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Maker and Sterilizer

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Maker and Sterilizer has elevated formula feeding to a whole new level of convenience. Its one-touch formula preparation and sterilization feature have streamlined the feeding process, ensuring that each bottle is ready with the perfect temperature and consistency. A must-have for time-strapped parents seeking efficiency without compromising on quality.

4. Dr. Brown Bottles

Dr. Brown Bottles have emerged as our go-to choice for feeding. Designed with a vent system to reduce colic, spit-up, and gas, these bottles provide a comforting and smooth feeding experience for our little one. Easy to clean and assemble, they have seamlessly integrated into our feeding routine, promoting both comfort and nutritional satisfaction.

5. Tommee Tippee Pacifier

The Tommee Tippee Pacifier has become the pacifying hero in our parenting saga. Its orthodontic design and silky texture have made it a comforting source for our baby’s non-nutritive sucking needs. Whether it’s bedtime or a fussy moment, this pacifier has a calming presence, making it a staple in our collection of baby essentials.

6. Ollie Swaddle

Wrapped in the cozy embrace of the Ollie Swaddle, our baby has found solace and security during sleep. Its custom fit and moisture-wicking fabric create the perfect conditions for a snug and comfortable sleep environment. The Ollie Swaddle has transformed bedtime into a ritual of warmth and tranquility, ensuring our little one feels safe and sound.

9. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller – Declan

The UPPABABY Vista Stroller has seamlessly blended style with functionality, providing a smooth and stylish ride for our little one. Its versatile design accommodates growth, ensuring longevity as our baby transitions from infancy to toddlerhood. With features like ample storage and easy maneuverability, this stroller has become our preferred choice for urban adventures and family outings.

13. DaVinci Suzy Recliner and Swivel Glider (We got it in Vanilla)

Transform your nursery into a cozy haven with the DaVinci Suzy Recliner and Swivel Glider in Vanilla, offering the perfect blend of comfort and style reminiscent of the coveted Pottery Barn designs. This recliner and swivel glider duo provides a soothing motion for both you and your little one. Its vanilla hue adds a touch of elegance to the nursery while ensuring that late-night feedings and cuddle sessions are accompanied by both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Other Items We’re Still Regularly Using

Ryann’s Tips for The Second Month:

  1. Don’t rush back into working out: In the second month postpartum, it’s crucial to prioritize your recovery. While the desire to get back into a fitness routine is understandable, rushing into intense workouts may hinder your body’s healing process. Focus on gentle exercises, such as walking or postpartum-friendly yoga, and listen to your body’s signals.
  2. Go on a date night with your partner: Amidst the whirlwind of caring for a newborn, it’s essential to nurture your relationship. Schedule a date night with your partner during the second month. Whether it’s a cozy dinner at home or a short outing, taking time for each other can strengthen your bond and provide a refreshing break from the demands of parenthood.
  3. Connect with other new moms: Building a support network is invaluable during the early months of motherhood. Seek out local mom groups, online communities, or classes designed for new parents. Connecting with others who are going through similar experiences can offer emotional support, share advice, and create lasting friendships.
  4. Take your partner to the second-month shot appointment, don’t go alone: Immunization appointments are crucial for your baby’s health, and having your partner present can provide emotional support and shared responsibility. Attending these appointments together also ensures that both parents are informed about the vaccinations and any potential reactions, fostering a united approach to your baby’s healthcare.

Let’s celebrate being a mom for two months! It’s not easy – there are lots of diaper changes, feeding times, and new things to learn. Some nights are really hard, but you’re doing it with love and care. Even though it’s tough, you’re getting better every day. You’re learning and getting used to the busy and sometimes messy life with a newborn. Celebrate the little victories, like calming your baby or getting a bit more sleep.

You’re not just getting through it; you’re doing great and growing as a parent. Cheers to you and all the good moments ahead. You’re doing an awesome job! 🌟

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