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Simple, Healthy Breakfast: The BEST Egg & Avocado Toast

February 17, 2023

Isabel Megale

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Okay, I know… there are hundreds of avocado toast recipes out there claiming to be the best. And I'm adding mine to that list! Unlike many other avo toast recipes, we keep things simple, with just a few basic ingredients, to create the perfect savory breakfast option. (It also serves as an ideal lunch! I'm usually a sweet breakfast girl, so this toast combo is one of my go-to quick lunches.)

It tastes delicious, and the eggs add extra protein to make this plate that much more satiating and filling to fuel you right through your morning. 💪 So, if you're reading to get cooking and try my simple and tasty avo toast out for yourself, grab you're ingredients and keep scrolling for this simple, healthy breakfast recipe!

Are you looking for more balanced meal inspo? Need some other simple, healthy breakfast ideas? Here's one idea – these blueberry vanilla oats are a personal fav. Then check out my Instagram @isabels.plate for more tasty eats!

P.S. Is avocado 🥑 one of those *stressful* foods for you? Like you look at it and can't think of anything but its caloric value and fat content? I hear you… I have been there too. Trust me, though, life is so much better when you stop seeing food as numbers and start appreciating them for what they add to your eating experience (and life!). So, if avocado is one of your fear foods, I highly recommend giving this podcast episode a listen… then come back to this simple avocado toast recipe and get to cooking 😉

simple, healthy avocado and egg toast recipe

Simple, Healthy Breakfast: The BEST Egg & Avocado Toast

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 5 minutesCook time: 5 minutesTotal time: 10 minutesServings:1 servings Best Season:Available


The perfect, simple avo egg toast has entered the chat. Made in just a few minutes, this plate is sure to satisfy and fill you right up to fuel you through your morning! 



  1. Toast your bread
  2. Mash half an avocado in a bowl, add a few squeezes of lemon juice and mix
  3. Prep eggs in the style of your choice (scrambled, fried, over easy, etc.) – my favorite: crack 2 eggs in a pan with oil or cooking spray, cook on medium until the white is mostly cooked, then top the pan with its cover and reduce the heat to low. Keep a close eye on it and cook until a thin white film cooks over the yolk.
  4. Assemble your toast with the avocado layer and the eggs. Top with salt, pepper, and everything but the bagel seasoning from TJs.


  • You can find more simple, balanced meal inspo on my Instagram @isabels.plate!!
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